NAHR Foundation programs and initiatives

~ “The Modern CHRO Role and Strategies for Success” is a two-part education and experiential session conducted by Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resources, ILR Executive Education and the NAHR Foundation. The session is designed for the top development HR leader in an organization whose next assignment is likely to be CHRO. NAHR Fellows participate as lecturers.

~ The New Chief HR Officer – Defining the New Role of Human Resource Leaders book was published in April 2011. The book captures the experiences and lessons presented by 29 Fellows and other HR leaders as part of the CHRO Academy and the “Modern CHRO Role and Strategies for Success” program.

~ Development of best practices cases is a partnership between NAHR and SHRM aimed at creating high-level cases written by NAHR Fellows about NAHR member organizations. Four cases have been published and are available on the NAHR website: Aetna, IBM, Nokia, and Northrop Grumman.

~ Master’s Students participation in NAHR annual dinner and summer internships program was designed to attract top first year Master’s students to the HR profession. NAHR Academic Fellows recommend students for the program; NAHR practitioners provide summer internship opportunities. The students attend the annual Fellows’ discussion meeting and annual dinner.

~ The NAHR Ram Charan HR Essay Contest is intended to stimulate interest in the HR profession as a career for the best talent in the education system and to further advance NAHR Fellows’ knowledge and understanding in particular areas of interest. The contest winners will be honored at the November NAHR annual events.

~ Association of American Universities (AAU) HR Institute presented its fourth session in November 2014. The purpose of the AAU-HR Institute is to strengthen HR leadership in higher education throughout the nation by serving as a significant catalyst for change by elevating HR executive development at major research universities. NAHR Fellows participate as lecturers.

~ The Retail HR Leaders Forum is a joint project of NAHR and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) designed to further the development of the HR profession in the retail industry. The initial Retail HR leaders Forum was held April 2013.

~ An initiative to further the contributions of HR to the Healthcare Industry is in the planning stages. This initiative will result in a two-day symposium for North American healthcare HR leaders.

The original initiative of the NAHR Foundation, the CHRO Academy, remains an integral component of the organization. During the past thirteen years 345 CHROs have participated in this program.