CHROS on Boards

The CHRO-An Underutilized Resource for Corporate Boards

Many of the NAHR Fellows are aware of an initiative that NAHR partnered with Jeff Hodge and Bob Lambert on regarding CHROs on Boards. Jeff and Bob, formerly with Morgan Samuels, now with Hodge Partners and Allegis Partners, respectively, worked with Jill Smart and Dick Antoine to do a research study about why there are not more CHROs on Boards, why CHROs can contribute as impactful Board members, what makes a CHRO a successful Board member, what we can do to increase the number of CHROs on Boards, and what CHROs and other senior HR leaders can do to prepare to be on a Board. Following is a link to the final write-up of the initiative. Please feel free to share as appropriate.

Thanks to the 36 Fellows who spoke with Bob and/or Jeff, and a special thank you to those who connected Bob and Jeff with CEOs and/or other Board Directors.

Jill Smart is working with Bob Lambert and Jeff Hodge to consider possible next steps, as outlined in the document.

Please click here to view the study Final_CHRO_Survey_Report.pdf