Announcing the Inaugural Winner of the NAHR Graduate Student Scholarship for 2016 - Gerrard Roberts

2/1/2016 — Gerrard is a graduate student at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. He plans to graduate in December 2016 with a Master of Human Resources. He has a passion for Human Resources and serves as Vice President of the student chapter of SHRM. Gerrard’s scholarship application shared about his limited opportunities and how he found ways to fund his education through sports and extracurricular activities. In the reference letter from Sally C. Fulkert, managing director of The Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina, she shared, “Gerrard serves as an amazing representation of the ideas of SHRM through his commitment to the profession and personal growth, as well as his support and promotion of SHRM in our academic community.” In May he begins an internship with PepsiCo and looks forward to a career in HR.

The National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR) was founded in 1992, and recognizes individuals of distinction in human resources for exceptional professional achievement as "Fellows of the NAHR" and occasionally recognizes human resources related groups as "Honored Institutions/ Organizations". An NAHR Foundation was established to conduct outreach programs to the profession through various projects and studies.

NAHR recognized the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Foundation as an honored organization in 2014. NAHR has partnered with the SHRM Foundation to establish the NAHR Graduate Student Scholarship for the next five years in the amount of $ 5,000 each year. NAHR will fund the Scholarship and the SHRM Foundation will select the Scholarship recipients. Graduate student scholarship beneficiaries must be enrolled in a master’s degree program clearly pursuing an emphasis on HR or HR related programs. Judging criteria for the scholarship is based on a combined percentage of SHRM student chapter involvement and/or commitment to the HR profession (35%), academic achievement (30%), additional leadership and service activities or work experience (25%), and financial need (10%).

We congratulate Gerrard as he continues his pursuit of a long term career in HR.

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